Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A scooter and a boot charm! Ooo.. that's one unique match between charms there, no? I think it's great from the usual flowers and hearts that we all have plenty already, no?

Classy Cinnamon

A long sleeves mini dress huh? Looks great doesn't it babes? Especially when at first glance, it almost looks like a two piece to me! *giggles*

Charming Pieces

More sweet pieces for the lovely you! All inspired by V-day that's this weekend, can? But you don't need V-day to wear gorgeous pieces like this, no?

SPOTTED: Life at the Fab Lane

Babydoll dresses! I sure do miss you a plentiful, can? Tee-hee. The slightly puffy sleeves with the empire waist makes all the difference to a cute dress!

SPOTTED: Just Bag It

You know you cannot get enough of 'em! And they're just too cute to resist anyway! Oh, did I mention they have handbag organisers as well too? Totally handy, can?

SPOTTED: Candy Colour

More quilted bags, can? Looks like they're the next big thing when it comes to bags isn't it? Especially after that ever so sought after Chanel inspired piece!


As promised, a whole lot of clutches just for you! Great for those upcoming events or that V-day dinner at that fancy restaurant already, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Clothesery

Plenty of bags going round, no? Woot! A brand new year and a brand new bag to start off the yea with already! Tee-hee. This sure is the way to be babes!

SPOTTED: Colour Me Pretty

Floral goodies! Totally a summer feel there already no? Despite that it's only Feb. But then again, in our country, it's always good for summer wear!

SPOTTED: Little Mizz Petite

All sweet in pink for the coming V-day already! Especially this one here complete with roses at the neckline there, can?! I totally love this piece


Talk about time for wild prints, can? They totally have it going there already! Plenty of one of a kind goodies, you know it when you see it!

SPOTTED: Rosette Coutures

There they have it! Their very own set of couple tees! Woot! Isn't this just great already babes? Their very own design. Double thumbs up for the good job there!


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