Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SPOTTED: Beanipet

You know what I just noticed? These cuties come with date of birth! OMG, this is too cute already. You can totally start a whole new collection with goodies made by her!


More handmade clutches just for you! Isn't that great? They're colourful, vibrant in design and totally a great match with your outfits! Woot!

SPOTTED: Norah's Closet

Flower power is so the right theme for this update alright! Check out those earrings already! Oh, they even got a whole lot of them up for discounts as well too!

My Vintage Garden

That's one sweet playsuit design there alright! *grins* Especially when it looks semi formal as well too, can? Tee-hee. Have fun with this one here!

SPOTTED: Autumn Closet

More of them asymetrical tops! And they sure look great with all these prints there, no? *grins* Especially this red one here, me likey! Woot!

Velvet Ribbon

We have plenty of bf shirts, but when it comes to bf's blazer?! This one here is really sexy and totally adrogynous, no? *grins* Am so loving it already!


Quilted or weaved, whichever it may be, this bag here sure is one versatile piece with the shape change, no? And in the very classic colours that don't clash with most of our clothes!

SPOTTED: Daisy Deariesx

A pink trench coat! Have always found them cute. Tee-hee. And imagine the heads you turn wehn you walk down the street with this one here, eh?

SPOTTED: A Fashion Reborn

If lace is your thing, then this might be the one just for you! It's sweet, simple and it even comes with a cross back feature as well too! Woot!


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Irenelim said...

So many lovely blouses and cuties!... I like all of them but my favorite one has to be the Pajamas Bun! So cute~~