Friday, February 6, 2009

SPOTTED: Dainty Dresser

A knitted piece sure is something we don't come by often every day, no? Tee-hee. Especially when they're in the classic black or white shades that are ever so versatile!

SPOTTED: Midnight Glam

While we've got our fair share of them opaque tights, we sure need some that are sheer too, no? Available in black and grey! And they are even taking orders for other colours as well too!

A Lollipop Shop

Now there's an interesting top there, no? *grins* Especially with the dual tones and the little buttons there to match it as well too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Daisy Deariesx

I dunno about you, but this dress here sure looks like one to make you look like a pixie! Tee-hee. Love how the colours blend and the design is so sweet like that!

SPOTTED: Like Seriously

Now if they have one in hot pink, it would look almost like the toga dress featured in Pink Panther 2, no?! Tee-hee. Well, you get other colours in this dress, so hurry along and place your orders!

SPOTTED: Chic Damsel

This dress here sure is bubbly isn't it? *giggles* And with sweet prints to top it off as well too! Now, isn't that a great match? Woot! Only one piece available!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Reborn

Striped with a bow and with a free belt as well too? Wow.. that's a great bargain isn't it? And speaking of belts, they got some wicked cinchers designs! Check them out to see the restock status!

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

A denim tube top, can? And check out that row of buttons there already! Woot! This one here sure is a sexy-licious piece. Limited in stocks, so you know not to wait too long!


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