Friday, February 6, 2009

SPOTTED: Miss Capsicum

Adorably cute mini skirt complete with suspenders, can? *giggles* What a fab combo that is already! and of course, you can always wear with or without suspenders depending on the occasion!

SPOTTED: Hugs & Kisses

While we adore our basics much, there are some who still prefer it to be flown in from over the seas, no? And this is exactly what they're giving you. Wetseals basic tanks!

SPOTTED: Love, Mel *Newbie*

And you thought Blair Waldrof was queen when it comes to headbands. Wait till you see this! A crocheted one, can? Totally awesome and fab!

Sassy Spree

Fancy yourself some biker jackets? A cropped one of course. Rock on girl! *peace sign* Tee-hee. We're totally spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping online aren't we? And I totally love it!

Candy Cane *Newbie*

Here are more unique earrings designs! Awesome, aren't they? I totally like the unconventional, one of a kind, you'll-never-be-caught-wearing-the-same-pair-as-that-girl designs!


Dual toned fancies, anyone? Especially when you mix champagne and black together, that sure is to turn out a great glam combo isn't it babes? Woot!

SPOTTED: Dr. Pizzicato

There's a sexy number in red there, no? *grins* Totally something to own! You never know, one day you just wanna let your hair down, throw on a pair of heels and a gorgeous red dress like this!


Your sister in shopping

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