Monday, February 9, 2009

SPOTTED: Emotion Fashion *Newbie*

Goodies going at some fab prices! This top here is only retailing at rm27, can? OMG, what an insane bargain! Get your hands on it already!

SPOTTED: Goochees *Newbie*

Shinny and shimerry! Pretty too, no? *grins* I totally think so! Tee-hee. And it also looks very glam as well, no? I like this one here! Woot!

SPOTTED: Daisy Deariesx

Make this a tube top or a skirt! Versatility is what we love best isn't it babes? Tee-hee. I'd like to own something like that, perfect for travelling purposes too!

SPOTTED: The Seller

I love a colourful dress, don't you too? *giggles* And this is just one of the designs babes! Go and have a look see at what else they have to offer you!

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

Very pretty design there isn't it? Yes, totally like a peacock as well! There's only one piece left in this colour, better hurry to get your hands on it before it goes poof!

SPOTTED: Charming Pieces

She's back with more charming pieces for this Valentine's! Woot! With plenty of butterflies to make you heart flutter by when presented by your loved one *winks*


Stripe it good babes! Woot! Looking totally formal yet somewhat playful with this one here already, no? *grins* I like this one here!

SPOTTED: A Little Chemistry

All them wild prints make you wanna just say rawr! Tee-hee. Find it totally awesome how these prints are so sexy, no? Perfect for party-ing already!


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