Monday, February 9, 2009


She's having some awesome pre-orders for both bikinis and ballet shoes from none other than the favourite Victoria Secret! Woot! I totally like that plaid bikini already!

Crafted by Mei

Well look who's been a busy bee! She's got plenty of updates all the time and this set here is totally nature inspired isn't it? Totally good on the eyes as well too!

SPOTTED: The Spring Attic

That basic spag top! And for a totally affordable price as well too! We surely need all these basic goodies, don't we? The more the better!

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

This sweet piece here comes with a free matching spag for you! No worries in looking for that right piece just to match this one here already, can?

Room 8008

Spotted from none other that F21! An almost identical piece there isn't it babes? Woot! We love it how we get similar pieces for only one fraction of the original price!

SPOTTED: Mocking Bird

Sweet dresses there and perfect for tea! Or you can always make up reasons to throw tea parties and make everyone come wearing goodies like these too!

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

Be it your next vest or a sexy hot halter neck, this one here is surely one that turns heads alright! Woot! And yes, it does look fab when paired with that high waisted skirt there!

SPOTTED: Hazel Mazel

Very sweet pieces there, don't you think so? And is that embroidery details there as well too? Woot! This is great! I loike this one here very much!

SPOTTED: Eye Catchers

We've had plenty of them big bags, how about some small totes instead? Perfect for the days when we just wanna carry around our necessitites!

SPOTTED: Cool House *Newbie*

Catering for the men, they even got a Valentine's special piece too, can? *giggles* This is just great! Go check them out already!

SPOTTED: Garde-Robe

A simple dress perhaps? One with very cute and also handy pockets! Cinche it up or not! Which ever it is, it still looks awesome and sweet!

SPOTTED: Fashionology 123

Skinny jeans anyone? Tee-hee. And for a great price as well too! Woot! Sizes are limited though, so check it out before you miss out on this awesome deal!


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