Sunday, February 15, 2009

SPOTTED: The Gift of Pearl *Newbie*

A whole set with pearls, choker and matching earrings to boot as well too! Yup, this is what they're all about. Everything with pearls! Sure carries a glam factor there already, no?

SPOTTED: Tasty Cherry Chapstick

See, what did I tell you about the bows eh? Tee-hee. And this pair here are black which would make perfect footwear for work and play! The classic colour!

SPOTTED: Round Bean

More goodies available for customization! Tee-hee. Check out that cute zebra there already. Oo.. totally adorable, can? OMG! *grins* Am loving it already!

SPOTTED: Chiq La Belle

Simple ruffles and a little ribbon there. Totally inspired by one of the brands we fancy as well too! Isn't that just great news?! Tee-hee

Shopping Playground

More wild prints eh? And on a very elongated clutch as well too! What say you? Another to add on to your collection? A funky addition that is. Tee-hee

Frills Shoppe

A simple bag complete with teddy prints! Oo.. cuteness! Plus the shape of the bag totally adds on to it already, no? Tee-hee. Totally liking it already!

SPOTTED: Le Mode Paradise

You know how eyelet dresses are always in white? Now we have one in purple! Plus, is it me or are there like so many purple goodies around lately?

SPOTTED: Hugs & Kisses

A halter dress? Or a long top? Ahh.. with all the creative layering nowadays, one item can be worn so ever differently with different combinations!

Closet Chaos

Bow, stripes and even lace all in one! What do you say to that babes? Interesting, no? Tee-hee. And perfect if you;re looking for something with a black and white combo!

SPOTTED: The Attire's Attic

Butterfly cinchers, anyone? Tee-hee. They're totally in demand and thankfully, restockable! So get yours before it's too late to restock for more!

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

Wow, like check out the frills on this one here already! Plentiful and nicely arranged, no? *grins* I think it looks really great! Dare you wear it? Come on babe, try it!


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