Monday, February 9, 2009

SPOTTED: Luscious Lips

Casual long tee! And complete with rainbows there, this sure is a cute one to keep, no? Pair it with some mini shorts or tuck it into some high waisted goodies!

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

Dual toned complete with pleats there as well too! Woot! This is just great and they only got one left, so better hurry before that piece gets taken away too!

SPOTTED: Eye Candy

Bags! Plenty of them and all are inspired bu the big brands as well too. I heard they have something similar to Prada, no? OMG! Woot!

SPOTTED: Like Seriously

Check out that high waisted pants there already! *grins* Very androgynous, no? And perfect to pair with those long tops that you have a plentiful already!


That sure is one sexy pantsuit there, no? The colours so vintage-ish and the design is totally of the modern day! What a unique combo for this one here!

SPOTTED: Pixie Closet

Gorgeous blend of colours there, no? And very feminine too! But if you find it an overload, no sweat, there's one in blue shades as well too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Fruity Sensation

For those who adore makeup, here's a Shu Eumera spree just for you! Closing end of this month, so go check out what fab deals you can have already!

SPOTTED: Blink Shop 101

A whole set of Mickey bling bling eh? Aww.. this sure is something totally adorable isn't it babes? And for those hardcore Mickey lovers, this is a must have!


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