Monday, February 2, 2009

SPOTTED: Venna Verene *Newbie*

Valentine's is round the corner and you can so tell when all accessories are themed after this celebration. Over rated you say? But we sure love the themed goodies anyhow!

SPOTTED: The Closet

And yes, Valentine's goodies here they come in abundance! Whichever design you fancy, better place your orders quick! Goodies like these are always limited in number, can?

Round Bean

And yes, all red and girly girl just in time for Valentine's! A note to the boys eh? *winks* Oh come on, you didn't know the dudes blogshop hop too? *giggles*

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

OMG, a pink mitten as a charm on a necklace? Tee-hee. This sure is one of the cutest I've come across so far alright! Don't you think so too? *giggles* Uber adorable!

Soak Republic

They have yet another collection! And this time quirkier than before with these toys to hand on your mobile, PDA, or whatever you fancy babes!

SPOTTED: My Decor Art *Newbie*

Since Valentine's is not too far away from now, why now compile all those moments with your loved one in something handmade like this? After all, pictures do say a thousand words, no?


How about some handmade bags as well? You really wouldn't be caught clashing with these bags alright. They're unique, fab designs and totally one of a kind!

SPOTTED: Stripee Zebra

And what more could be perfect if it isn't couple keychains for Valentine's? *giggles* It even comes with a sweet looking box as well too! Just the perfect gift, no?


Your sister in shopping

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