Sunday, March 29, 2009

E-shop of the Week: French Kiss

SPOTTED: French Kiss

Prints all around with this one here babes! Tee-hee. Be it with off shoulder or puffy sleeved, you got it! She has them all! A fan of prints, you know where to look!

Or you're more of the simple kinda gal. Something plain but yet, showing off that figure of yours! Then, these here definitely would to the trick alright! Plain coloured or even dual toned there, which ever tickles your fancy!

And try some bags too! Looks like she's got 'em quilted and weaved? Tee-hee. Just the hottest designs for the season, can? And we're totally loving it there!

Of course, we cannot go without the tops! She's got that kimono inspired butterfly sleeved one here, or a little button down number and hey, check out that halter top there as well too! Something for everyone, no?

And even a babydoll one as well too! *giggles* Me like this one here, complete it with a chiffon layer! Mmm.. pretty looking there already! Woot!


Your sister in shopping


Anonymous said...

this blogshop had really poor customer services.

i bought a victorian dress from them i blue but they sent me a blue & brown one.

I emailed them that i did not ordered the color they sent but only the blue one.

the lady told me she will get back to me since last year and she never did.

FRENCH KISS ♥ said...

Hey babe,

I'm really sorry for not replying your email.. :(
But could you send me another e-mail again regarding this matter..?

Cause I really don't remember receiving the email..

I'm so sorry.. :(

Ruby said...

It's funny why would people complain when they get 2 items instead of 1. It's like 2 for the price of 1. And yet you're complaining. Isn't it their lost? Moreover I've bought many things from French Kiss, and I don't see anything wrong; so far... But even so, don't know why you're flaming her!

Anonymous said...

ruby darlin, u should read properly. i was saying, i ordered a dress in blue color. but she gave me a dress with the mixture of blue and brown.

FRENCH KISS ♥ said...

Hey babe,

I've just called up all 3 of my customers (as I do keep a database of our past customers), who bought the Blue Victorian previously and none of them seem to be having any problem..

As a matter of fact, the only colours we sold are Blue, Brown and Black.. We've never sold a blue and brown coloured Victorian..
Would really appreciate it if you could email us personally to further clarify this matter..

Thank you! :)