Sunday, March 29, 2009

E-shop of the Week: Peep


Yummy stilettos and peep toes sure go well together alright! *grins* And they come in the most fab colours as well too! Dare you carry the height and colour? *grins*

Moving on yo something totally cute! Skulls all over this little dress here *giggles* And just when you thought skulls were scary? Totally not in this case alright!

And check out that maxi flow. All the pretty swirls and colours all meshed into one sexy-licious looking dress! This one here is definitely not your average maxi!

And moving to more printed goodies! This one here's a real work of art as well! All pretty up and layered like so, how could you possibly resist showing it off? *winks*

And speaking of work of arts, here's another! This one here's something special. It's versatile and totally up to you to style it your way, can? Tee-hee. Make 101 styles with one piece!

And of course, how can you resist this? Totally Audrey Hepburn style! We're speaking of a classic piece, never outdated, always the glam one! Woot!

More glam is when you get one whole set like this one here! From the scarf to the blouse to the skirt! All three are for sale and do grab 'em while stocks last babes!


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