Friday, March 6, 2009

I know the updates have been late for the past few weeks. Am not at home during the day, every single day. Have an ill family member who is in the hospital, hence my absence. I will do my best to feature all and go through every e-mail when I'm home.

Please do not spam my inbox, should you see no reply/updates within a few hours. I have no Internet access where I am during the day. There are incidences when I do not receive ur e-mails, I dont know why. Do resend the next day.

And for clarification, those who do not get featured, either

1. Another blogshop has already brought in the item (esp for pre-order blogshops)
2. Pre-loved mixed with brand new till I cannot tell the difference. For clarification's sake, pre-owned = worn before, pre-loved = never worn but owned before (i.e. clothes tagged with retail brands). This is my understanding

Please do not add me on Multiply, Friendster and whatever else social group there is. I only have a Facebook account, that's all.

And unless you ship your goods to Malaysia, please do not ask me to feature your blogshop.

And also, no contact lens per-order will be featured. Please read posts linked at sidebar

Thank you


Anonymous said...

hey there hope yr family member who is in hosp now will get well soon.. and i'm sure everyone understands so no need to rush and update.. get some rest dear! :)


Jassy Poon said...

yeah babe~take good care of urself!