Friday, March 6, 2009

SPOTTED: Lollipop Wardrobe

More chiffon goodies! They're at large aren't they? And it comes with a tube as well too so you don't have worries about how sheer it's gonna be!

SPOTTED: Label Leaf

Basic spags, going for only rm13 each! In the basic colours of black and white as well too! Wear this alone or layer it up! I'm sure you'll find it useful!


More basic goodies! Remember how everyone wanted a puffy sleeved tee? There you go again! And this time, they're even throwing in a necklace along with it too!

SPOTTED: Round Bean

While some go for all the bright colours, some like it simple. Just the charms to tell the tale! Like this one right here! *grins* Wouldn't you love something like that already?

SPOTTED: Sweet Treats

More handkerchief goodies! And that whole uneven hemline sure is great! *giggles* I mean, the prints always vary and we totally cannot resist the sexy look it gives!

SPOTTED: Pastel Stripes

Playful pantsuit, that's what it should be called babes! *grins* Especially when it comes in a bright coloured one like here, how can you not wanna play?!

SPOTTED: Trend Reports

Ruffles on them skirt! *giggles* And in gold mind you. Very glam factor just with the colour alone, no? Go sashay away in this already! Woot!

Ultimate Dazzle

A denim mini skirt? Ahh.. skirts like these, everyone ought to have one! And I'm so loving mine! *winks* Get yours here for a real good deal babes!


The plaids even took over the cropped jackets, can? Now we really have plaids on every other apparel we own! Ain't that great?! Plus, 10 more days till the next epi of Gossip Girl till we see more plaids from Chuck Bass!


An air of mystery surrounds this one here. The colours blend beuatifully, and on the best selling design since I can't remember when! If you want it, you better hurry!

SPOTTED: Fashion Loft

A zebra striped maxi dress, can? OMG, totally loving this one here already! Plus, wild prints are a classic! You can never fail to steal the limelight with something like this!


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