Thursday, March 19, 2009

Newbies for the day!

SPOTTED: Ciel de Mode

Never get enough of the BF dressing, huh? And this one here sure is one of a kind, not plaids anymore but plain and simple, suited for the ladies!

SPOTTED: Chilli Kiss

Of course, if you must have a go with the plaids, here they are! I reckon it can even be a mini dress for the petites, no? Tee-hee.

SPOTTED: Marybencity

A simple skirt! Match it with the cinchers you got babes and its gonna turn out fab! Trust me! Especially those studded ones alright *winks*

SPOTTED: My Sassy Tanks

The chinese character for love. Ahh.. simple, but definitely spreads the message well alright *grins* Available in all different sizes! Get yours today babes!

SPOTTED: Perfume Rack

Yet another place where scents are a plenty! I so cannot go one day without perfume! *grins* And the more choices, the better! After all, every occasion calls for a different scent!

SPOTTED: Little Maketto

Cute teddies on hair accessories *giggles* Very girl girl, can? I miss the days where I used to collect them and wear something different to school everyday!


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