Thursday, March 19, 2009

SPOTTED: Stephanie's

Like you don't recognize that charm there. Tee-hee. I reckon the simpler the designs, the better it looks, no? Well, that works for me, definitely!


A closer look and you'll notice that the bag is filled with the fleur-de-lis! Tee-hee. Reminds me of the bazaar we had, so much fun I can't wait for another!

SPOTTED: Green Bananas

The skirt and tank, both are for sale! Plaids are good all the way! Very school girl like, especially on a skirt! Which reminds me, Gossip Girl resumes! Woot!

SPOTTED: Bundle of Joy

Studs galore! Woot! I used to have one like this can? And it looks great paired with some washed off coloured denim! Woot! Why don't you get one too?


Shorts and skirts! And yes, the bows are in! I really like it! Tee-hee. A playful twist in the formal wear. Makes it all the more versatile for us! A wothy buy!

SPOTTED: Fashionology

Chiffon goodness. They look great because they look layered like that. On the other hand, this one here is special. Wear it off shoulder or on! Woot!

SPOTTED: Round Bean

Ahh.. yet another simple charmbracelet! A tinge of red, girly-ness in it and voila! A brand new charmbracelet! I got my own too now. Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Dressing Lab

More one shoulder tops and skirts to match it as well too! Now isn't that awesome babes? Tee-hee. Get the entire outfit, right here! Woot!

SPOTTED: Only Branded Replica

Now they even have jerseys! *grins* How awesome is that? Definitely a rare find over here in our part of the world, no? *giggles* Go check 'em out for more designs!

SPOTTED: Dollykyande

And moer sling bags! I love them! And I totally should get one soon since my old one passed on, boo hoo! Plus, this one here comes in plaids, a classic look!


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