Thursday, March 5, 2009

SPOTTED: The Closette

A tank top and an off shoulder long sleeve tee all in one, can? That is just one of a kind! And I think it totally looks great as well too, no? Woot!

Dressing Lab

Whoa.. check out that colour combination there already babes! *grins* Like nothing I've ever seen before! *giggles* Dare you wear this babes? Come on, try it!


Pleated wedges? And mighty high wedges there too! Woot! Complete with slingback and if white isn't your colour, go for fiery red! *grins* You know you want a pair

Hectic Sunday *Newbie*

These blouses sure are like the new "IN" thing now, no? The puffy sleeves, the belt, very chic look I must say. Don't you think so too babes? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: House of Beauty

LBD? It is little, but it comes with long sleeves that flare slightly at the end as well too! That's something we don't come across very often, no? And I totally loike it!

SPOTTED: Dusty Lace

With the rain and gloomy skies, you sure wanna snuggle up in something like this, no? And oh, even comes with handy pockets to keep your hands warm!

SPOTTED: Garde Robe

A good luck charm and a cute girraffe all in one! *grins* How adorable is that already? Tee-hee. Oh, that's not the only one they've got of course *winks*

SPOTTED: Midnight Glam

Chiffon. Oh the soft material, perfect when the days are hot! And note the design at the hem there too! Tops like these sure are good for both work and play, no?


Your sister in shopping

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