Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SPOTTED: MarketStreet *Newbie*

A Ralph Lauren bag, shipped all the way from the US! Yup, they're shipping goodies for you all the way from there and they cater for Malaysians! Ain't that just fab news?

SPOTTED: Daisy Deariesx

Have fun with a whole bunch of colours with this top here! *giggles* Great for a day out, no? With shorts, jeans, skirts, whichever it may be! The top totally spells out fun!


The wild prints even made it to the shoes, can? Woot! And check out that little bow at the back of it as well too! Only one size left babes! Hurry along now

SPOTTED: LaVie Marionette

Is that Abercrombie spotted there on that hoodie? It sure is! A casual top, paired with a tube top and a hoodie! Complete with long sleeves to keep you warm too!

SPOTTED: Baby Be Dazzled

Do you miss her or what? But fret not, she'll be back soon! Meanwhile, why not add more headbands to your collection there? Woot!

Fruity Sensation

A LBD for you? Love it when it's just a simple tube dress like this. It fits the ocassion and it let's you express yourself the way you want it, without the dress stealing all the limelight!

SPOTTED: Lush Serendipity

More plaids eh? Told you it's like the next brand new classic design! And we just saw a top in this design the other day! Now we have it in a dress as well too!


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