Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She's back and with more goodies! And of course, all colourful and totally fun! Go and grab them while stocks last! Many last pieces there babes! Woot!

Hers *Newbie*

Ruffles at the neckline we've seen plenty, but hey, this one has got 'em on the sleeves as well too! Aren't they great? Go check out what other goodies they got!


Back from over the seas and with a whole lot of goodies! Totally not restockable, hand picked, just for you! Go check out those gorgeous one of a kinds already babes!

Our Beauty Diary

Notice how their shoes totally match the dresses? *grins* And it comes with a ribbon sash belt too! Totally great contract between pink and black alright!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Reborn

Woot! Yet another fab choice for a LBD! *grins* Like would you ever wanna think twice when you lay your eyes on this gorgeous piece? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Osixnine

Fancy that, lightning shaped earrings, can? And they're sure funky-licious, especially when they come in dazzling colours like these here *grins*


Sweet lavender and with pretty lace to match! Go and get some, while stocks last! Restockable only in this shade here babes! Hurry, hurry!

SPOTTED: Strawberry Tags

Like you so cannot get enough of Anna Sui! We got 'em bags and now we got 'em clutch! And I saw some wristlets there as well too! Woot!


Your sister in shopping

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