Monday, March 9, 2009

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

Hippie style is in town with this piece here. A head gear? Or a necklace? That's for you to decide babes! Woot! And it sure is one of a kind with that bow there alright

SPOTTED: Bimbs Wardrobe

A tan coloured clutch. Fancy that babes, we sure haven't seen much of this shade around lately, no? Tee-hee. And it's the perfect size to fit in everything as well too!

SPOTTED: Our Mutual Passion

Ahh.. a black bag and it is big, width wise. Which is good, especially for the not so tall babes like myself. Tee-hee. Totally great size and fits everything we need!


An oversized bow, can? *grins* Would you like to have one? They have it in all sorts of colours as well too! You really ought to take a look for yourself!

SPOTTED: Hugs & Kisses

This, at first sight, totally reminded me of none other than Burberry! And fancy that on a BF shirt too! It sure is one fab combo alright! *grins*

SPOTTED: Topsy Turvee

Woot! Funky-licious watches! All colouful and with snazzy designs there, how can you not flal in love with it already? Tee-hee. Surely something to own, can?!

SPOTTED: Fascinate

A black mini dress. Ahh.. and a long sleeved one as well too. If you view their webbie, you'll notice it's got a zipper across the middle as well too! Go check it out!


Your sister in shopping

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