Thursday, March 12, 2009

SPOTTED: D-bliss

The pussybow blouse. How can one not like it? Especially in this shade of mysterious purple. Totally sexy as well too and not showy offy at all! Woot!

Shopaholics Unite!

These comfy pieces are back and they sure are back with more colours than before alright! Woot! Looking great and somewhat very schoolgirl too, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Apple Cabin

Ahh.. oriental touch for this top here, no? It has been a while since I've seen anything like it. Plus, it need not always be CNY to wear something like this

SPOTTED: Bloom *Newbie*

Looks sorta like a pinafore, no? Complete with the pockets there and even the ruffles along the neckline as well too! Uber adorable this one here is!

SPOTTED: Tictactoe

More studded belts! And this time, with a zipper too! Woot! Like, rocker chick or not? Totally hot with this belt here! Tee-hee. Go grab some already babes!


Not your average mask, it provides you protection and whitening and anti wrinkling as well too! all for the price of one. Now that sure is one fab deal, can?

SPOTTED: Luv My Dresses

The ruffles on a bib-like collar. You got to admit it does look pretty adorable, no? Tee-hee. Even more when the dress is in pink! *grins* How cute is that already?!

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

Remember these? Twist your way to create a new bangle or even a necklace! They brought in more and this time with even more colours than before! Woot!

SPOTTED: In Lurve With

Studs are all over town now! We even got them on the bags, can? A whole new bling into our apparels already babes! Woot! Not so girly girl no more eh?


Your sister in shopping

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