Thursday, March 12, 2009

SPOTTED: What the Fudge?!

Real schoolgirl style alright with this checked pinafore here. Tee-hee. And yes, pair it with that white Peter Pan collared shirt already! Perfect fit!

SPOTTED: Sweet Toothsome

Very pretty indeed. Love the contrast that plays out with the whole black background there and the red flowers. Simply gorgeous, don't you think so babes? Tee-hee


A checked pantsuit that comes with a hoodie too? Wow.. that sure is one great piece there, can? Tee-hee. Go check out what's new from her!

Le Femme Fatale

They had the Jimmy Choo inspired pieces, now they brought in something inspired by Miu Miu, can? Woot! Like do we *heart* goodies inspired by the big brands or what?

Taiwan Spree

Offering you goodies from abroad, these sure are to come in handy and only for rm30 each! You'd wanna grab a few alright with that kinda price!

SPOTTED: A Bit of Everything

More bikinis! And they sure are colourful alright! And yes, totally made for swimming so fret not about the quality! Have fun with this one here babes!


Your sister in shopping

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