Monday, April 27, 2009

It’s been a while..

Since any readers shared their stories but I reckon that's because FT is doing a great job at that. Kudos to FT for having a space to let everyone voice their opinions! Anyhow, here goes the story!


Seller A and Buyer B agreed to COD at for a particular piece of apparel. Buyer B was also contemplating on another item as well. Considering that they were gonna COD, Seller A decided to bring along the item that the buyer was contemplating on so that the buyer can have a look. However, the buyer only made one purchase of the item agreed upon and not the item contemplated upon

Seller A made a mistake and forgot to take the latter back. Upon realising this, the buyer had already left. Seller A immediately contacted the buyer but to no avail. Days have gone by and no reply. While Seller A agrees this is her responsibility in making the boo boo, but Seller A feels that the this matter could have ended differently


Personally, although the item was not of a high worth, I believe that we shouldn't take what isn't rightfully ours. Although it was the seller's mistake in this sense, everyone makes mistakes, no?

What say you? As a customer, would you have returned the item? As a seller, would you find other means to pursue the matter?

Comments are welcomed!


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The Trinket Box said...

I still believe that if something not meant to be yours or not aquired in the "correct manner", its not yours for the keeping. Then karma comes to play. Maybe not so soon, but one day.

There is no one way of dealing with it as different factors come into play. Ie, location, cost, worth etc. Differernt situations requires different approach.

In the above case, I think Seller A did all she could... And I would avoid any future business with the person.

Anonymous said...

who is FT?

Anonymous said...

I think Seller A is a considerate chap.Just wanted to bring along the other item so that the buyer can have another choice. He/She has never thought that Buyer B can be so cunning !

What Seller A can do now is just to learn from mistake. As if this Buyer B already has the bad intention right from the start, no matter what action Seller A decided to take now, he/she won't be able to catch the culprit !

Buyer B, shame on you !

Phat Culture said...

I'd say that in many circumstances ... its quite questionable whether its the seller's fault / callousness or the buyer's fault :)

especially when it comes to an online business/transactions. but most of the times, we sellers have to put customer service first and cover whatever damages and costs ... its all part and parcel of owning an e-shop. Of course, everyone has their own ways of dealing with different situations ... its a grey area, really.

Chapbalang said...

People is trying to make a decent living only and if you think you cannot afford it, DON'T BUY. But, don't cheat on other people trust & sincerity in dealing with you. This is just an act of a LOSER.

Anonymous said...

Although it is Seller A's mistake, Buyer B should not take something that does not belong to him/her. I'm sure Buyer B would not be happy if someone else "steals" from him/her! So Buyer B needs to be more considerate!

As a customer, I definitely would get in touch with Seller A to return the item, or I would just buy it from her to save all the trouble of meeting up again/posting the item if that's more convenient.

If I were Seller A, I'll just have to make sure not to repeat the same mistake in the future. Since I can't do much if Buyer B doesn't want to return the item, I can only learn from my mistake :)

Shania said...

FT is Fashion Truth:

whereby all kinds of true stories, complaints, compliments, alternative pricing for same item and etc... :)

and abt Buyer B, thts really bad manners! :(

Midnight Carnivale said...

in my opinion, buyer B should not be so uncivilised as to leave without returning what does not belong to her. as someone mentioned earlier, karma will come back to play. if i were to be seller A, i will feel cheated. although, it's her mistake to have that slip up, it's only courtesy and basic manners to offer seller A her stuffs back which she wasn't buying. if she ever thought it was a free gift or whatever, would anyone give another piece as a free gift? she didn't state there buy one free one, babe. i feel sorry for seller A and buyer B, learn to do the right thing.

Shine Bright Firmament said...

As much as the Buyers buy from the Sellers online, Consumers have placed trust and confidence in the Sellers that the clothes are of top quality and genuine.

Vice versa, in bringing the Buyers the best services Sellers can offer, the Sellers have placed trust and confidence on the Buyers too!

To keep the Fashion-Online going, it's all based on trust and confidence.

The "buyer" has definitely breached such. :(

Anonymous said...

Shit. I hate ppl with integrity issues.

Post Buyer's B name to all sellers and have her blacklisted.

But of coz, try message her first and tell her what you would do. If there is no respond...just share her name with all sellers..We should be doing honest business here...