Monday, April 27, 2009

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

This one here sure is unique. 'em ruffles and an inner spag to come along with it as well too! Ain't that just fab? And yes, wear green for a change! Woot!

SPOTTED: Skinny Heels

A brand new collection and plenty of dresses up for grabs! Don't we just adore them dresses? Looking all pretty up for both work and play! Me like!

SPOTTED: Fashion Palettes

Dual toned dress with a statement to match it as well? Now, they sure are getting more and more creative alright! And of course, this also means more addition to our wardrobe, no?

SPOTTED: Impulse Grabber

Yup, for the love of studded belts, here are some more for you! This time round, in white. Mm.. they look great too, no? Ain't just the black belts with studs that steal the limelight

SPOTTED: Bold & Beautiful

And of course, we have the gold buckle cinchers as well too. These here sure are versatile and good to go with almost anything, can? Tee-hee


Oo.. yet another keyhole blouse! I think its rather fanciful, no? Which is great! Imagine wearing the same top for numerous occasions! That's a great buy, don't you think?

SPOTTED: The It Girl

I wouldn't say they're dual toned, but you get where I'm going. These dresses sure are do catch my eye. The colourful paired with something solid. Mm.. Perfect!


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