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An interesting tunic top there ain't it? And yes, the belt comes free with it as well too! This is the last piece babe, better hurry to grab it before it's all gone!

My Topshop

Not exactly a turtleneck, but it has the high collared laced up Victorian style to it, no? It has been a while since I saw anything this fancy *grins*


More accessories on the way babes! And it means more choices for us too. Tee-hee. You'd have a blast trying to pick your favourite without having 2nd and 3rd options alright

SPOTTED: The It Girl

Spotted on the runway, they come up with their own version for this gorgeous sailor girl dress! Complete with a high waisted denim lower half to match it too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Bella Lolita

Sport that vintage look with this one here! Funky-licious green circles on a black background sure is one of a kind combo, no? *winks*

SPOTTED: Dressing Bliss

Something of the oriental touch there, no? The buttons surely do make a difference to a simple floral piece like this one here! Hey, I bet it looks good with leggings too!

SPOTTED: No Plain Days

They sure live up to the name no plain days alright with their fun photo shoot style and gorgeous goodies to boot! Now away with the heels and opt for some t-bar flats!

SPOTTED: Beauty Paradise

And if you must, here are some t-bars but with some killer height to boost it too! *grins* What say you? A whole lot of choices more from where these came from

SPOTTED: Pennywise

Fancy a blue dress? Tee-hee. It has been a while since we saw something in this shade. What happened to electric blue being the new black eh?

SPOTTED: Midnight Carnivale

This sure is one dress to party in alright. Shiny, shimmery and all that bling! Imagine yourself on the dance floor with this baby here. Woot! Bet 'cha plenty heads will turn to your direction *winks*

SPOTTED: Vestiti

While we have certainly seen striped cardis and hoodies but one with 'em faux fur to complement it? This si definitely a first for me babes! *giggles*

Scarlet Garments

More Anna Sui goodies and this time with plenty of compartments to go along with it as well too! Now isn't that great? Makes organizing so much more efficient!

Shopping Spree

Yup, more choices for us from abroad! Now we all love the high waisted skirts, no? And now we can have them in tweed too! Woot! Grab one already babes!

SPOTTED: i-Materials

More of these awesome designs are in store! And they come with those adorable yet ever so handy pockets at the side as well too! Perfect for a casual day out, no?

SPOTTED: La Estrella

More make up options for you! Am not familiar with these myself but hey, why not give it a try? When in doubt, I'm sure they would be helpful in guiding you for purchase and maybe even throw in some advice for make up!


More choices for our Muslim sisters as well too! And they not only cater for clothes but also swim wear! They even got a section on kids wear too! Woot!


Your sister in shopping

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