Friday, April 24, 2009


Phew, so many e-mails to sift through! This is like some e-shop boom! Probably the biggest is yet to come! Come check 'em out babes!

SPOTTED: Ladies in the House

What do you think of these roses on them cinchers eh? I'd say there is a vintage touch to it! And it sure does look awesome to me! One of a kind that is!

SPOTTED: Ana Secret Bargain Hunters

Yup, more yummy-licious branded goodies just for you babes! This is yet another Coach patchwork bag, the much coveted one, no? *grins* Get 'em with a fab deal!

SPOTTED: Fruit Punch Closet

Fancy a smart outlook complete with a belt and a plunging v-neckline to it? Tee-hee. This one here sure is the right piece! Looking classy and add on a little fun too * winks*

SPOTTED: My Dressing Barn

Ahh.. pity the shop has closed but hey they sure carry a whole lot of great designs, no? Especially with their trademark XOXOs. Tee-hee. I'd say it's a great selling point for them!

SPOTTED: Clothes Carousel

Always did find the Russian Doll somewhat intriguing, no? And this tank top with the doll here is only going for rm12! I think that's the best bargain I've come across in a real long time!

SPOTTED: Itsy Bitsey

Sling bags sure come a long way since the paper boys had 'em! And here are more, just the right size for you to fit in the necessities! Tee-hee. Me loike it!

SPOTTED: Unitenderblush

Another place to get your hands, or rather feet, into these gorgeous beauties! *grins* I totally am so liking it, especiallly in this shade too! Shoes definitely make an impression alright!


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