Monday, April 27, 2009

SPOTTED: A Chic Store

Remember those times when everyone wanted that puffy sleeved top that was so totally inspired by Topshop? Now we have it still! And this time with a cute detachable ribbon too!

SPOTTED: Shine Bright Firmament

Trench coats aren't feasible in kl but they look mighty classy. Especially those in velvet. So babes, heading anywhere that has 4 seasons, this one here is for you!


Not so much of the ruffles but pleats like these sure are something to consider, no? Pity the skirt ain't for sale. I think that's one unique design that I'd like to try out

SPOTTED: Superrolling

Cinchers, cinchers all the way! Gold buckles, gold designs, gold studs, they're all fantabulous. Grab one if you haven't gotten any already babes!

SPOTTED: Fushimii *Newbie*

And yes, everyone's getting a mini nowadays. And perhaps, more than one too! Personally, I fancy them. Totally shows off the legs and of course, that gorgeous pair of shoes!

SPOTTED: Oopzie Daisy *Newbie*

Aww.. ain't that just adorable? Tee-hee. Oh they have one in pink too as well, can? Time for a different kinda bag! This one here, sure is great for a change!

SPOTTED: Lush Serendipity

Mm.. more heels! And purple suede heels? How can you resist something this good babes? *grins* I'd totally wanna have a pair alright! After all, shoes are a good investment!

SPOTTED: Ministry of Clothes

Harem pants? *grins* I'm more of a yoga pants kinda girl but hey, they look absolutely stylish and not to mention comfortable as well too! Give it a try babes!

SPOTTED: Designer Outlet *Newbie*

Yup, it's Crocs for kids babes! Woot! Ain't that just great? Plenty of colours and choices to choose from as well too! Definitely will make a good gift, no? *winks*


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