Friday, April 24, 2009

SPOTTED: Fashion Palettes

Nothing like throwing in some pleats and buttons on a striped tube dress! Now that sure was a whole mouthful alright *grins* But hey, that's the whole point! Mixing the best to create something better than the sum of it all!

SPOTTED: Chilli Kiss

And more long sleeved goodies to keep you comfy during those uni days alright! Coming in an array of colours to choose from, you'd probably end up getting more than one!

Rosette Coutures

Oh yes, the ever so famous Polo tee! And they're getting the authentic top for you at a real bargain price too! Woot! Come and grab one already! Totally adore this pony top!

SPOTTED: Bags Lover

A cute bag? Here's one of course! It even comes with a ribbon, can? *giggles* Imagine matching it with a pink and white parasol already! Totally adorable!

SPOTTED: Jasz's Jewelry Box

More of those gorgeous polymer clay flowers on accessories! Woot! Like do we adore them or what? Especially when they are paired with some real vintage looking rings too!

SPOTTED: Dollykyande

Yup, more of those Chanel inspired quilted bags that everyone coveted after! And the best part is the reduction in price! Gives it all the more reasons to buy this one here, no?

Sugar Couture

Yummy-licious zebra printed top there alright! And even the necklace is for sale as well too! Now do we want it or not? Something like these ain't around often alright

47 YKJ

And what more but artistic cardis to keep us warm! Love those designs, totally beats the ones I have in my collection alright! Perhaps its now time for a new cardi? *winks*


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