Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pre-order your very own mascara today! All the way from Japan, can? Tee-hee. After all, we love it when we have gorgeous lashes, no? *winks*

Coach Bargains

While you're a Coach bag collector, why not consider some of the wallets as well too? Especially this one here which comes with plenty of compartments! Makes organizing stuff so much easier!

Autumn Closet

Sure has been a while since we got 'em shorts, no? *grins* And here are more! And totally perfect timing because I need a few pairs! Woot!

SPOTTED: Bambeedear

The tutu skirt that everyone has been eyeing! Or well, the variations of the skirt more like it! Tee-hee. How do you like that already babes? They've got more from where that came from alright!

Le Femme Fatale

That's totally not your average Gucci bag alright! *grins* In fact, a variation like this is good! Tee-hee. A nice playful touch to it. I loike it! *winks*

Crafted by Mei

Plenty of details in this one here alright! *grins* Now who would have thought all of it blend so well together for a charmbracelet? Now we know!

Blouses N Buttons

A whole lot of plaids on that one there alright! *grins* And I'm pretty sure it ain't gonna stop there as well too! Woot! Keep 'em coming babes! The more the better!

L'Coquette Boutique

Just when I was saying there aren't enough shorts to go round, here are more for us! Woot! And they're great and totally affordable at the same time too!


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