Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SPOTTED: Fashionable Collection *Newbie*

More pre-order goodies! And they sure are looking great, no? Be it dresses, blouse, skirts or anything! They have a whole lot just waiting for you!

Angel's Spree *Newbie*

Would you look at that already? Woot! Those boots sure are yummy-licious alright! And while it's rather difficult to wear 'em here, if you're gonna be overseas, this would be perfect!

SPOTTED: My Lil Angelz *Newbie*

Something for the little ones too! Aww.. ain't that cute? Know someone who just got a kid? Maybe even your nephew or niece! Splurge on 'em!

SPOTTED: Pixie Market *Newbie*

They're making their own high waisted skirts! And guess what babes? It's going for only rm20 each! OMG, what a fab price that is no? Place your orders already! Woot!

The Bead Pot *Newbie*

Man, I love this colour! It's unique and totally glamorous as well too! *grins* Something that would go so well with that LBD you got there *winks*

Heavenly Closet *Newbie*

Another simple top, but looks great when paired with anything! And perfect for layering as well too! Woot! Why woudln't you want something like that already babes?

Oh My Clothes!

The same material that made those shiny leggings are now here in a dress! Woot! This sure is a new kind of LBD there alright *grins* Don't you think so too?


They too are in the skirts rage babes! Tee-hee. I love it! Now we're so spoilt for choice and have a whole new collection of skirts to boot! Woot!


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