Sunday, April 26, 2009

SPOTTED: Label Leaf

Not only does the belt come with the purchase but the dress is on sale! And so are a whole lot of other goodies! Come and take this opportunity and pick your loot!


A striped tube and a rara skirt to go along with it? Woot! This sure is one happy piece alright! And we love goodies like these don't we? Tee-hee. Me loike!

SPOTTED: Rainbows Closet

Gorgeous butterfly cinchers for everyone! A plus for the butterfly lovers, can? Tee-hee. They sure exquisite, no? Plus, only going for rm25 each!

SPOTTED: Prettie Simple

Make this your LBD babes! Something like this ought to turn heads once you step in the room alright! And that's without accessories and those killer heels to match!

SPOTTED: Angel Boutique

Yet another pre-order blogshop! They sure are booming alright! Everything ranging from formal to casual, tops, dresses, you name it, they've got it all for you! Woot!

SPOTTED: Simpli-cious

Looking for something totally out of the ordinary? Then this one here might just tickle your fancy babes! *grins* A hot pink bag! Woot! It isn't every day we come across something like this one here

SPOTTED: Sugar Dressing

Purple should so be the new black alright! A new colour for their best selling peep toe heels! *giggles* Come and get your pair before they're all gone again!

SPOTTED: Miirage

Pretty flowers sure make a difference to the style of a dress. Don't you think so? A little classy, taste of girly girl, very Laura Ashley I think. Tee-hee


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