Sunday, April 26, 2009

SPOTTED: Round Bean

More designs for the charmbracelets! And it looks like she's taken a fancy for the red charms, no? *grins* I'd think so but hey, lady in red? *winks* This one's for you!

Twilight Zone

Imported from over the seas! This geometrical piece sure is a work of art, no? And what more, it being flown in for you means its limited! Grab 'em while stocks last!


All ruffled up and paired with a denim skirt too! Woot! This one here sure is a great piece, don't you think so too? A perfect outfit! Just put a cincher on!

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

Looking for quirky, one of a kind studs? They have a whole lot for you to choose from alright! Check out their collection! I bet you have a few favourites in mind already *winks*

SPOTTED: Miss Lola's Closet

A dress in these colours are sure to attract attention alright! The colours already made its presence and what more when you step in the room! Woot! Way to go!

SPOTTED: Baby Be Dazzled

Lotsa bags just for you! This one here similar to something by none other than Chanel! Now we love goodies inspired by the big brands, no? Tee-hee. Come have a look-see already!


Your sister in shopping

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