Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doing your part, something other than shopping


Remember the turtle from Finding Nemo, Crush? Who went dude…. with his cute little son? Tee-hee. They were cute, no? Ever wondered how many turtles there are in Malaysia? Ever wondered how you could do your part to help them out from extinction?

WWF is now launching a petition in order to accumulate a total of 40,000 signatures so that a bill can be passed by the government to stop people from selling turtle eggs and hurting the turtles in the Peninsular! Can you imagine the poor little fellas, unborned but already harmed by people for the sake of making money?

Imagine the future when our kids would only know about turtles from books and the Internet but never see one yet alone touch one!

Do your part, sign up! Find out more about this WWF project here:

I’ve signed up, what about you?


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