Sunday, May 17, 2009

E-shop of the Week: The Kooky Thing

Phew.. and another week just flies by! Been a little slow with the updates because I’m preparing something else for ASD! What is it? Shh.. *winks*

SPOTTED: The Kook Thing

cut3 jester5checkered peep toe7 

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Woot! Peep toes or covered heels. Plain or plaids. And babes, check out that height there already! Woot! Gurantee to make you stand tall and proud in ‘em alright *grins*

box clinch2 opal clinch2xelia clinch2

How about some gold in those cinchers there eh? Square buckles, checked. Oval buckles, checked. Floral designed buckles, checked. *grins* Something for everyone! Woot!

IMG_5488 IMG_5713 

Now of course, they have got ‘em dresses and the lot as well too. Pretty in white and lace there eh? Or go with the tropical floral designs! Tee-hee. Spoilt for choice now aren’t we? *winks*


Wait.. I ain’t done yet! Check this out. Remember these hot shorts? Yup, they aren’t extinct yet! If you missed out on a pair back then, no worries! Here they are, while stocks last that is *winks*

 vixen clutch1 

And to top it all off, we got here a clutch! Ahh.. pretty little thing there isn’t it? *grins* Love the little extra details they have there. Definitely something to show off during that dinner event, no? *winks*


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