Saturday, May 16, 2009

SPOTTED: Ladies Mall


Hmm.. there sure has been a lot of tees today, no? *grins* Totally good news for me btw. Tee-hee. I adore tees! The more the better! I so wanna start like a collection soon!

SPOTTED: More More Clothes

c14922 black

Another black dress! *giggles* Ain’t that just great babes? Or is it just me going all ga-ga about it lately? But you have to agree it looks fab, can? They have one with inverse colours as well too!

SPOTTED: Sleek Sisters


For work or play, this skirt here sure looks fab for either occasion, no? Tee-hee. Plus, the colour is simple and easy to blend in with anything and any colour! Woot! Major plus point there for us!

SPOTTED: Piper Lips


Them wild print on the cincher as well too? *grins* Sure is something that we don’t see around often, or well, before! I love it! Something to try out before you go full fledged jungle style, no?

SPOTTED: Gifts Gallore


First came the furry friends, then came the cute boxes for us to store them and other goodies! Tee-hee. My personal favourite? This moo-moo one here of course! Woot!

SPOTTED: Lazy Shoppers

SB 037 (6)

They got the height and they definitely got the studs to match it as well too, no? Woot! I love it! It looks somewhere like a modification of the glads wedges, can?

SPOTTED: Phat Culture


Maxi, sexy! And going for a fab price as well too! Now aren’t you glad to have stumble across ‘em? Tee-hee. Love the thrill of fab bargains don’t we babes? Woot!

SPOTTED: K.l.a.s.i.q


Tote or sling? Which shall it be? With bags being so versatile nowadays, anything goes! Multi-functional and looking great all at the same time. Definitely a worthy investment of all sorts, can?


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