Saturday, May 2, 2009

E-shop of the Week: Phat Culture

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

Heya babes! Time for another e-shop of the week! Woot!

Dresses, dresses, plenty they have 'em! Quirky one of a kind dresses or those simple but glam ones? They have it all babes! Woot! I bet 'cha can find a dress for any occasion here alright

And something without the sleeves too eh? Simple plain white dress or checked 'em up classic style! Either way, they're totally good to go! *grins* Cinch it up, belt it low, they are the way to go!

Try it casual with some studs, try it formal with 'em ruffles, which style suits you babes? Told ya they got it all covered, no? *winks* Tee-hee. Like, are you loving 'em already or what?

And oh.. do not forget these ever so sought after cardis! *grins* Especially when they come in such colourful colours all at a go! A happy day cardi!

And the latest rage with 'em zippers! They got it too! Tee-hee. Aren't you glad you stopped by to check 'em out? You so do not want to miss out for this one

Yup, they even got this one here covered alright! Shoes with zippers! *grins* Grab a pair before they run out of sizes! You know you want one

And some sexier heels to go with those yummy-icious dresses you just picked. Something suave, chic and mm.. classic as well too. These here? They'll never run out of style!

Do not fret is they are some goodies here that you see that aren't on their site yet. It's a sneak preview, just for you! Tee-hee. Check 'em out later tomorrow for their release!


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