Sunday, May 3, 2009

SPOTTED: Ladies in the House

Their promo of the month, an Agnes B. wallet! And if you make purchases above rm85, they'll throw it in for you for free, can? OMG, like what a fab deal already! Woot!

SPOTTED: Rainbows Closet

I like 'em big brown bags! They're handy, versatile and most of all does not require high maintenance like 'em white bags! Though white bags will always, always be my first love *giggles*

SPOTTED: White Label

You'll never dance alone. Interesting quote on that top there, no? And that ribbon sure does give it an extra edge alright! *winks* Oo.. they're totally having some price slashes as well too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Only Branded Replica

I'd say, something like this one here sure makes a fab prom dress, no? *grins* And the whole thing about purple being sexy, I totally get confirmation when I see goodies like this one here!

SPOTTED: My Kedai Runcit

This is so adorable I wonder why it hasn't been sold yet! OMG, I wish my hands could produce goodies like hers as well too! It's totally awesome how fabric and a little stitching can make such adorable creations, no?

SPOTTED: La'Belle Closet

This sure aint the usual ruffled goodies we see alright. The collar there sure is one of a kind! And that's what we love about goodies like so. Plus, it's not restockable, so lesser chances of clashing with someone else!

SPOTTED: Our Beauty Diary

More of 'em high waisted skirts coming right up at ya babes! Tee-hee. And yes, in classic black, really hard not to have at least one for yourself babes! *winks*

SPOTTED: Bella Llena

Have your name on a bracelet or even on a necklace! This is totally the best personalized piece of accessory one can ever have, no? *grins* I totally want one for myself already! Woot!

SPOTTED: Dollykyande

More checkered bags, can? And love 'em sling bags to bits as well too! Tee-hee. These here sure will come in handy when we go shopping, where both our hands are free to grab and choose!

SPOTTED: What's Your Flavour?

Though we don't see much of 'em pinafore style this year but hey, the school girl look is forever more! Especially with the whole Gossip Girl drama and all that! *winks*

SPOTTED: Midnight Carnivale

Whoa.. like check out her collection of cinchers, can? They really are one of a kind, not the usual ones we come across of course. If a unique look is what you're looking for, here's the place to be!


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