Saturday, May 9, 2009

E-shop of the Week: Sweet Toothsome

SPOTTED: Sweet Toothsome

Checked trench coat eh? Who would have thought they would look this fab! *grins* Reminds me of them days where I used to play investigator! Tee-hee

Or why not try a fuchsia pink dress? And check out that zebra stripes on that dress already! Woot! Sure is something worth checking out there now, no?

And of course, those basic halters and tube tops? You so cannot miss out on those as well too babes! They definitely are great for parties and the likes alright!

And the same goes for them bags too! Classic black or white sure will do great, can? *grins* And are those studs I see on the bags? *giggles* Awesome! Woot!

And dresses are a plenty! Plain, ruffled or even with 'em polka dots! They have got it all in store just for you ladies out there! Totally something for everyone now, no?

And oh yes, maxi dresses! I heard there were some real fab deals at the bazaar today! And do we love bargain hunting or what? Tee-hee. Me love!

Ooo.. check this out already babes! Another off shoulder piece that gives you a sneak peek at that shoulder but totally not overdoing it at all! Woot!


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