Friday, May 8, 2009

Since ASD is turning a year old this month, plenty of freebies will be up for grabs at the ASD's B'day Bash! I figured I probably can't get a cake big enough for everyone, so you'll get gifts! Of course, the early bird catches the worm *winks*

On going promos!

Win a free bag of your choice! Up to 3 bags to be given away for FREE! All you need to do is make a shout out on your FB account! No FB account, you say? Well, it's about time to set up , one, no? Totally great when keeping in touch with ya buddies. More info here:

RM10 rebate vouchers from Oh My Clothes! Print this out and use 'em on that day! Woot!

Promos on that day itself!

FREE tees up for grabs! How? All you need to do is to look for me and tell me when ASD was birth! The exact date and I'm telling ya it isn't 9th of May *winks* Only 30 tees to be given away! Come early, catch me if you can. Tee-hee

FREE goodie bags! Who gets 'em? We have 200 free goodie bags to be give away courtesy of myc! First 100 will include vouchers from Ablinc, .Stop.Shop.Splurge, Mimpi & Vego! The next 100 will include vouchers from Ablinc & Vego!

Lucky draw! You get to win goodies sponsored by The Aura & DLookingGlass. Worth between rm20 to rm50 per item! Woot! Items will be randomly slotted into the goodie bags so check your bags once you get 'em! *grins*

Avenue JV is also giving away accessories for free to the first 10 customers on that day! Woot! Pays to be the early bird, no? *winks*

Are you excited already? Tee-hee. At the moment, there are 90 booths taken up! 10 more booths up for grabs, take 'em if you want 'em! Details for vendors can be found here:

Worried that you can't locate the vendors on that day? No worries! You'll be given a copy of the floor plan along with list of vendors for navigation! Come and have fun this Saturday! Bring along family and friends for this fab event! Woot!

Oh, and do say hi when you're there! Would love to meet all of you *giggles*


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