Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Newbies! Newbies!

Woot! More to join us! More to join us!

Let’s check them out already! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Just Beauty


Though I don’t read chinese, but they really got good stuff here if you’re into all beauty goodies babes! Tee-hee. Be sure to check them out! You know you want to *grins*

SPOTTED: Mystic Jewel

P621 copy

Recognize that funky monkey there already? Tee-hee. I have yet to get something from them myself actually. Here seems like a good place to explore these goodies! Plenty of accessories up for grabs as well too!

SPOTTED: Couture & Doll

Laguna FRONT

Yup, there goes another maxi dress alright babes! *grins* Loving that keyhole feature there as well too, what about you? *grins* Definitely something we’d like to own as a maxi dress, can?

SPOTTED: Fashion Senza


Polka dotted with a pussy bow to match it as well too? How better can it get? Tee-hee. Sure is a cutie this one here, no? I’ma loving it already! What say you?

SPOTTED: Missy Hot


Loving them kimono inspired goodies? Here’s another and it’s oh-so-colourful as well too! Tee-hee. There’s only one piece so if you want it you better hurry before its gone babes!


Your sister in shopping

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