Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ASD’s B’day Bash!


Saturday was a blast! I hope it was the same for all those who came as well. It’s the first time organizing it alone and not to mention, catering for 90+ vendors! Phew! That was some tough work alright. Lemme give you some sneak peeks for that eventful day!

DSCF0676 DSCF0678

DSCF0690 DSCF0693

Setting up took about 3 hours with various vendors coming in and even some early bird customers! The stalls weren’t all setup yet too! Tee-hee. Everyone brought their friends and family to help out. It was definitely a great scene, though it was a weekend and Wesak day on itself!


See what I mean? Tee-hee. Everyone just helping everyone out! This is what makes a great community, no? I loike it! And it was great meeting the mums and dads of everyone as well too!



Oh yea, the crowd is rolling in and we’re ready for operation! Woot! Actually, sales already started even before 12pm itself! Man, are they excited to shop or what? Tee-hee. I was too, but too busy running up and about to go digging for fab bargains!


Register and get a goodie bag, for FREE! Tee-hee. If you were there between 12pm to 2pm, you would have gotten your hands on one of them goodie bags! I stood there passing out so many, 400 bags were given away in the blink of an eye! Oh my! Even the dudes, dads and mums were all getting their share of the goodie bags! Which was great, save the plastic bags by using these woven bags! What a great way to shop, no?


Yes, there were a total of 400 goodies bags given away! 100 sponsored by none other than Soak Republic! Did you like check out their new goodies? It was really awesome! If you missed out on the event, there may be more at their webbie, while stocks last of course!


Did you see them? In their uber cute tutus? Tee-hee. It was definitely something unqiue having them there alright! And their tutus are handmade, can? Check them out here:



Like check out the crowd! Woot! I totally lost count on how many people were there already alright *grins* It was so fun meeting everyone and getting to know new people too! Woot! What about you? Made any new friends there? Tee-hee


And yes, there was a line for the fitting room/toilets as well too! Tee-hee. Improvements on the way about this changing room bit alright. Definitely will have more events in time to come *winks*

 DSCF0725 DSCF0727    DSCF0738

What say you? How was your experience at the ASD’s B’day Bash? Drop a comment :)



Your sister in shopping


Sizarifalina said...

hye there last i get to meet u that day...i had a great time meeting the owners of the blogs that i would shop...thank u so much for gathering all of them at one spot..i got good bestfriend was with me and she bought so much!!..thanks again dear!! good luck for you future self-organize-birthday-bash to come!

Apple said...

It is a superb event...Lucky I'm one of the 100 vendor..If not I'll be broke by now!!Hahahahahhahahhaha.Can't wait for your next event!!By the way..I got free bag that day..Yeeepeeeyyy!!!

kakikopi said...

excellent location.

wide variety of items on sale.

very friendly vendors.

must say the event was a huge success! :)

thanks for organising this :)

are you going to have another one?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yien Yee!! :)

I had so much fun at the ASD Bazaar, it was awesome! There were so many vendors and so many great bargains - I can't wait for your next event! :D Hope there'll be many, many, many more to come!! :)

Sha-Lene :)

Sharon Teo said...

hey! thanks for placing my survey on asd =)

btw, i went for the bazaar on saturday too! kudos! i think it's awesome that you allowed us shoppers to get a chance to try on clothes before purchasing them (thank goodness!) and also that it was huge and not stuffy nor hot.. just cool enough so we wont sweat like pigs in there =) excellent job!

thekookything said...

i love the huge and airy space but if the location was more known to everyone it would've been better, got lost on the way there :P had a great time though!:D