Saturday, May 30, 2009



Ever wondered how to wear that pair of high waisted shorts? Now we sure got plenty of ideas there don’t we? And also a huge selection of goodies that go with it too! Woot! Love the way it’s laid out alright!

SPOTTED: Soak Republic


Chained up and with ribbons? Oh my. They sure have got plenty of interesting goodies all lined up just for us, can? *grins* And sure is an interesting set this time round. Go check ‘em out!



Interesting dual toned dress there, can? Complete with bow and that skirt with a row of cutesy buttons too! *grins* Totally adorable! Like a twist in the classic look there, no? I’ma loving it already!



Now we’ve seen something like this before haven’t we? But a maxi dress? And in black too. You’ll go crazy styling up with this one piece here alright! *grins* Have fun babes! Totally worth the buy!

SPOTTED: Perfectly Spoilt

DSC00462 copy

Handpicked from over the seas just for you babes! Now something like this sure is worth having, no? A trendy yet versatile piece, both for work and for play! *grins* Now do we love it or not? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Thread Whispers


Yet another handmade item! This time, a lunch tote complete with Japanese prints to it too! How fab! Perfect if you were planning a picnic in the park with sushi! Yum! I love japanese food! Woot!

SPOTTED: Bella’s Lullaby

1074 Wine Red

A red dress, not a toga, but a one shoulder dress! Ahh.. Looking fab as a party dress there already, no? I totally loike this one here! And that ruby red, seems to be everywhere now, isn’t it? Tee-hee


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