Friday, May 29, 2009


SPOTTED: Knot *Newbie*

brochure_6 [1024x768]

Very unique designs to accessories, can? Of, btw, did I mention that they are handcrafted as well too? Now, that’s something that caught your attention, no? *grins* Go check ‘em out for more fab designs babes!

SPOTTED: CV Original


All bags made from genuine leather! And they even got my favourite messenger bag as well too! Woot! Plus, neutral colours? They go with anything we wear and anywhere we go!Tee-hee. I’ma loving it already!

SPOTTED: Munchy Dunkin *Newbie*

R 8373 dark blue

Ahh.. dual toned tops. Complete with polka dots and also off shoulder for that genie look. Tee-hee. And looks great with a scarf there too, no? What say you? Give it a try? *winks*

SPOTTED: Eye Catchers


Sometime, we don’t bring much around and a small bag is what best fits the situation! Try something like this one here *grins* What say you? It’s adorable and unique! An accessory, can?



Wedges galore! In blue and pink, these here sure are gonna make a great addition to your shoe collection alright. Semi-casual for all purposes! I loike it! Hmm.. time for new shoes, eh?

SPOTTED: Lacey Dacey

IMG_0590 (Medium)

Ahh.. been looking for something like this for a long time already! It’s sweet and dainty, no? And of course, the most important thing is that it’s in white! *grins* That’s what I’m talking about babes!


S 090529069

They’re giving away this bag for free, can? All you need to do is drop a comment and answer 3 questions! Easy-peasy, no? Tee-hee. Support handmade goodies already babes! Unique and definitely worth it!


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