Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Sure miss seeing these babydoll goodies alright. Especially when they come along with cute flowers! Oo.. getting me all excited and in the mood to shop once more! Tee-hee. While stocks last of course

SPOTTED: Full of It


For those who adore embroidery goodies, here are more for you! Looking very traditional there, no? And it ain’t always a bad thing! Have a diverse range of clothes, you never know when you need something like it!

SPOTTED: Office Doll


At first I thought this was a cap, but it isn’t! It’s actually a very cute design for a sling bag, can? *grins* I think this is absolutely fab! Bring in more unique designs babes! Woot! What say you?

SPOTTED: Sixteen Secrets


More cardis! Come to think of it I got a top like this, not a cardi though. Tee-hee. Love ‘em stripes, especially when you got too many plain coloured clothes with lack of designs. Something like this sure is good for a change alright!

SPOTTED: Jovy’s Wardrobe

bow side

A turtleneck with a pussybow? They’re back with more clothes than ever before and have a whole lot of great working attire too! Woot! While stocks last now, everything is selling fast!

SPOTTED: One Desire Store *Newbie*   


Yes, more sling bags! The more the better! After all, it does somewhat remove or rather lessen the strain on your shoulde, no? With a wide strap of course *grins* I think I’m in a bag frenzy now!

SPOTTED: Clothes Carousel


Woot! Artsy goodies, s’more! And not only that, it’s also off shoulder which looks fab when matched with that bikini you got there, can? *grins* What say you? Go for it? *winks* You totally should babes!


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