Saturday, May 16, 2009

SPOTTED: Midnight Carnivale


People would definitely wanna stop and stare at you when you weat this beauty out alright *grins* It dazzles, it’s sexy, it’s totally a must have! Woot!

SPOTTED: The Attire’s Attic

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Oh yes, another knitted piece for us babes! Tee-hee. I wonder how it is to knit something, never tried because it looks uber complicated but always find the results intriguing! Just like this piece here!

SPOTTED: Quevy Shoppe


Everyone’s into shoes these days, no? Especially when we’re getting bombarded with new designs and colours everyday! How can you possibly resist these fab goodies?

SPOTTED: Trendy Hunt


More fedoras are up for grabs babes! *grins* Are you lovin’ it already? I’ve always wanted to get one but have no idea which is the right one! Argh! Choices, choices!

SPOTTED: Elegant Extravaganza


How to look good in a tee. Simple. Just be yourself! No need for extras, a tee is basic, simple and express yourself by being who you are! Celebrate your own uniqueness, eh?

SPOTTED: Perfectly Spoilt


Pretty floral piece there, can? *grins* Available in a few other colours as well. I think it’s confirmed, I have a thing for black dresses with floral prints! *grins* Time to shop!

SPOTTED: Le Femme Fatale


Ever the big LV fan you are? Tee-hee. Here’s where you can get your hands on more LV inspired goodies! Big or small, something for every one and for every occasion!


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