Thursday, May 21, 2009

SPOTTED: Mischief Inc.

basic bikini haute 1

I totally adore the one in purple! OMG, it’s so pretty! And I got the black one just like that. Oo.. maybe I can start a bikini collection eh? Tee-hee.

SPOTTED: Girl About Town

summer star

Check out the tutu skirt there. Ain’t it such a cutie already? Tee-hee. I totally think so. And yes, the top is for sale as well! What say you? Are you going for this look? *winks*


anna sui 3

Whoa.. we sure are hit by the Anna Sui craze alright. From bags to coin purses and now even clutches? What are we missing out on? Perhaps they should have laptop sleeves and mobile covers too! Oo.. how adorable!

SPOTTED: Yunique Paradise


Patterned leggings anyone? This pair here is just one out of the many unique, artsy designs on leggings! Woot! And also, they’ve got a wide selection of shoes waiting for you as well too!

SPOTTED: Vanity Dresser


White, lacey and totally pretty up in this one here, can? Tee-hee. Sure fits the occasion when weddings come by! After all, we don’t wanna always be dressed in black, no?



Maxi it out with this one here babes! Woot! They sure are hitting us good with them maxi fever! Personally, I still don’t own any. I’ma vertically challenge and still yet to find the perfect maxi!

SPOTTED: Only Branded Replica


Yup, a site catered just for the boys! I always like them in polos. For some reason, they just look uber adorable and totally drop dead gorgeous in them. Tee-hee. What say you?

SPOTTED: Chicks CultureDSC01550

There are studs on something almost in every post now, can? *grins* I totally love it! Too bad the belts sell out so fast! I was totally gonna wanna have one, can? Le sigh!


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