Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SPOTTED: Miss Capsicum


Soft  satin across your skin. Complete with a matching cincher for that perfect look. Now, how can you resist something like that, no? Plus, it isn’t restockable so first come first served!

SPOTTED: Trend Reports

They ain’t missing out with all those shoes. They brought in their own as well. Their very first pair *grins* Looking good there, no? What say you? Get it? Not? Get it? Yes, get it! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Buttons & Biscotti


If mini skirts aren’t your thing, then why not try something like this? For work or for play, it fits in the scene alright! A little casual number there, versatile in every way! Woot! A good investment in this one here

SPOTTED: Feliz De Moda


Fancy a red skirt babes? Tee-hee. Sure isn’t easy locating one nowadays, no? Man, they should totally bring in more colours other than the usual black and all that, can? What say you? Shall we go for red this time? *grins*

SPOTTED: Kyo Fashion


A whole crazy assortment of earrings up for grabs! Purchase 2 pairs for only rm10 babes. Are you up for it? They’ve got so many designs, it’s guarantee to leave you spoilt for choice! Don’t believe me? Check it out already!

SPOTTED: The Clothing Lines *Newbie*


Going for rm27 each, these simple blouses can be all yours! Woot! We love great finds like these, no? Tee-hee. And better make sure you grab the opportunity while it’s here babes! It doesn’t always come round *winks*

SPOTTED: Princess Feverlicious


Juicy Couture fans, here’s one for you! A mini digital camera, imported all the way, just for you loyal fans! Only four sets are available. Grab it at this awesome fab chance, you never know when it’ll come round again!

SPOTTED: The Sticker Monster


Aww.. would you look at that? Sure is cute isn’t it? *grins* Been a while since I saw cuties like so. Definitely reminds me of my sticker collection when I was a kid alright! Woot! What about you?

SPOTTED: Clothes Carousel


A tube top? A skirt? What shall it be? And it’s totally up to you to decide, can? *grins* A versatile piece like this is sure perfect when it comes to travelling! Woot! I love it already!

SPOTTED: Picobell *Newbie*


A whole lot of crazy bags, can? *grins* I don’t know where to start with something I want! Oh my! What say you? Are you spoilt for choice? Tee-hee. Kudos to online shopping, something available for everyone!



And I was just saying? *grins* Yup, crazy whole lot of bags up for grabs! Which colour? Which design? What occasion? *grins* So many, I really am feeling lost in bags wonderland alright! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: A & J Pre-Order


Looking for a LBD? Well, here’s one for you! And it comes with a bow as well too! *grins* What about that eh? An additional touch to a better, prettier you! Woot! Double thumbs up for this one here


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