Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SPOTTED: Our Beauty Diary


A lovely pair of shorts that are not too short, just the nice length. Looking fab paired with that tube top there already, don’t you think so? Plus the little bow there, sure makes everything uber cute!

SPOTTED: Trendy Confessions


And even more shorts or another sort! This time booting 3 buttons instead of the usual one or two! Buttons seem to be the new accessory, can? Tee-hee. I’ma loving it too!



Ahh.. the familiar sense of being attracted to all things white. Just so lovely, don’t you think so? Tee-hee. I really need to revamp my wardrobe alright. Love white but ain’t got much white clothes! Or rather, not enough!

SPOTTED: Vogue in You

flower 55 10(2)

Oh yes, don’t you wish you could have that many shoes and line them up like so? Tee-hee. Imagine having every colour of each design. Ooo.. simply heavenly there, no?

SPOTTED: Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast


Fret not if you missed her during the event, she has got more goodies and new designs all in store just for you babes! Woot! Keep ‘em brand new designs rolling in babes! We’re welcoming them with open arms!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

Butterfly blue_thumb[2]

Ahh.. them pretty butterflies are making their way way back in the scene, no? Tee-hee. Totally adore these little fluttery things. They’re just so adorable and what a striking colour for it to be in!

SPOTTED: Fascinate


Ooo.. high waisted pants! Man, it sure has been long time since we’ve seen them around, no? Plenty of shorts but not enough pants! And yes, they even got it in grey as well too! Tee-hee


Your sister in shopping

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