Friday, May 8, 2009

SPOTTED: The Rainbow Collector

They definitely got something for everyone there, no? *grins* Be it bf dressing or girly girl dresses, there isn't anything you can't find here! How fab, can?

SPOTTED: Lazy Shoppers

Of course, they do not always have to be adorned with bows, gems are great too! Like this one here *grins* Totally unique look there, no? I'ma liking it!

SPOTTED: Hautemamasitas *Newbie*

Checked and looking gorgeous there for you! I suppose it's that whole school girl look that gets me going for skirts like these *giggles* Don't you agree?

SPOTTED: Bimbswardrobe

Have a closer look at this one here and you'll notice it's like a canvas full of stars! Just like lying down gazing into the open sky on a cloudless night. Ahh.. so gorgeous!

SPOTTED: Lush Serendipity

This piece here sure is a sweet colour, no? And what a price! Man, this one here is sure a steal alright! Do not miss out on it. You've been warned!

Dusty Lace

That is indeed a great combo, can? *grins* Something very fancy, and if you're heading for prom something like this sure will make you stand out and proud!

SPOTTED: In Glam'z

Alright! More dual toned goodies are up for grabs *grins* Ain't that just the coolest thing? Tee-hee. Or maybe it's just me being completely ga-ga with 'em


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