Monday, May 4, 2009

SPOTTED: The Spring Attic

Those classic bf shirts are available for sale! Yup, the plain ones are always still the best! *grins* I loike 'em! Hurry before they all sell out babes! Woot!

SPOTTED: My Dressing Closet

I sure love 'em sling bags! And for LV fans out there, here's to you! Hassle free, leaving your hands free to do the picking and valuables close to you! Fantabulous!

SPOTTED: Joan Bead Shop

Ahh.. it's been a while since we saw her creations, no? *grins* And what joy to see more of 'em! Come check out her latest creations already babes! Woot!

SPOTTED: Clothes For Fun

Ahh.. them laced up spags yet again! With small dainty flowers or with stripes? Whichever that tickles your fancy, she has them both in store just for you!

SPOTTED: Rags & Threads

Ruffled blouses, ahh.. they're all over the place and every where! Be it for work or for play, this touch of Victorian sure gives your dressing sense an extra edge alright!

SPOTTED: Chamber of Fashion

And even more skirts available for you lot babes! Woot! With a bow too, can? Like how many skirts have you bought in the last month already? *winks*


More handmade creations! And this time inspired by nature as well too. Ain't that just great news babes? Tee-hee. Love handmade goodies! Unique and totally worth its price alright!


Your sister in shopping

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