Monday, May 4, 2009

SPOTTED: 1 Dressaholic

This is a one piece dress, can? And I thought wow, what a fab combo they've got there *grins* Limited in stocks, so hurry if you wanna make it yours!

SPOTTED: Sassy Spree

Yup, bring more of them hobo skirts babes! You sure don't wanna miss out on 'em, since there aren't many too been seen lately for sale, no?

SPOTTED: The Arrogant Minnie

Wanna guess the price of this sweet baby blue cardi with a hoodie? *grins* It's only going ta rm25 babes! Woot! Ain't that such a fab bargain?! Grab it quick!

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

I'm not sure about you, but this one here is mighty fancy! I've always wanted one of these and in white too of course *grins* Oo.. hurry along before its all sold out!

SPOTTED: Room 8008

Like the look? The dress and the headband are both for sale babes *giggles* Ain't that fab news? If pink is too much for your liking, she's got the whole set in black as well too! Woot!

SPOTTED: A Bit of Everywhere

Shawls galore in their recent update here! Keeping you warm and also looking good at the same time! Or dare you wear it as a top like Christina?!

SPOTTED: Stylisters

Woot! Check out those sleeves there babes! Fluttery butterfly kind alright *grins* And they totally tone down those arms and waistline. Tee-hee


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